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How to Get Free My Coke Rewards Points

It seems like the My Coke Rewards offer has been around forever. This marketing campaign debuted back in 2009, and it still seems to be going strong, but the crucial thing to be aware of is that Coca Cola executives have announced that the My Coke Rewards program will finally come to an end at the back end of this year, i.e. on December 31st 2013. In light of this, anybody who wants to profit from the sweepstake should get it through their heads that the clock is well and truly ticking. Unless they get their act together and work out a strategy for success in the My Coke Rewards program, they run a severe risk of missing the boat entirely.

Round about now, many people are on the lookout for ways to get more My Coke Rewards, as they cannot drink enough of the stuff to generate the rewards points they want. Now, it is fair to say that there are many apparent opportunities offered on the internet for members of the public to get their hands on free My Coke Rewards. The question is whether or not such offers are all they are cracked up to be. Is it really possible to snag free Coke points and boost your chances in the My Coke Rewards sweepstake?

To get the full benefits of the My Coke Rewards program, the public are ordinarily expected to buy bottles of Coca Cola, and lots of them! The rewards codes normally feature on the plastic lids that seal the bottles of Coca Cola. Naturally, some people try to win big the hard way, which is to purchase bottle after bottle of the world’s favorite brand of fizzy pop in order to secure a decent supply of the all-important My Coke Rewards codes. To be fair, the rewards offered by Coca Cola bosses are something of an incentive, and this is exactly why the program was unleashed by the soft drinks giant. On the flipside, Coca Cola cannot be regarded as a healthy drink. This product comes with a raft of health concerns, from dental decay to the modern day diabetes explosion that is ripping this once great country apart. Of course, buyers can choose to switch from the regular Coke product to a sugar-free variety of one kind or another, but the bottom line is that this could be like transferring from the frying pan into a raging fire! The artificial sweeteners that replace sugar in such products as Diet Coke and Coke Zero are by no means as innocent as many people believe. When they are consumed in large quantities, these sweeteners are believed by some people to be a possible long term threat to health. Therefore, consuming a huge amount of this admittedly popular fizzy drink, whether it is the regular product or the diet version, is probably not advisable. Kids, of course, are highly unlikely to see any problem in it, but their parents undeniably have a sworn duty to safeguard their youngsters’ health, or they could end up paying one hell of a heavy price down the road. They cannot afford to give in to the short term clamor for My Coke Rewards points, because they could be playing fast and loose with not only their own health but that of their children, too.

The idea that the public could get their hands on free My Coke Rewards, i.e. without there being any need to purchase Coca Cola in large quantities, must surely be a remarkably tempting one to many hard-pressed families. Unfortunately, and quite apart from the obvious health worries associated with consuming Coke to excess, Coca Cola bosses are hardly in the business of giving away their beverages, and the costs most certainly DO mount up when families load up their shopping carts with crate-loads of Coca Cola on a day by day basis. Particularly in these economically uncertain times, who can really afford to buy Coke in such large quantities, and just on a wing and a prayer as regards the promise of phenomenal rewards in the sweepstake?

When you look at it this way, you have to admit that free My Coke Rewards would be just what the doctor ordered, but can the public really snag these freebies or is it just another pipe dream on the internet? Well, the fact is that there is no short answer to this one. The bad news is that, as with any other popular sweepstake or special offer, the My Coke Rewards program has attracted the attention of shady operators who seek to make a buck off the public’s seemingly insatiable desire to get a piece of the My Coke Rewards action. Whether it’s a case of generating traffic on any number of dodgy websites out there on the wilder and woollier corners of the internet, or in some cases scamming individuals for their sensitive personal data, My Coke Rewards points are seen by scammers as being perfectly placed to act as bait to the general public.

On the other hand, the actions of scammers and fraudsters do give a bad name to those who are actually trying to do nothing more than to turn an honest dollar, by offering free My Coke Rewards points on websites that are entirely legitimate. The public should never throw out the baby with the bathwater, and the fact remains that there are entirely innocent sites where you CAN earn My Coke Rewards points through purchasing other products. This avoids the requirement to purchase excessive amounts of Coca Cola in order to generate the all-important My Coke Rewards points. There is certainly no such thing as a free lunch, so consumers must recognize the basic fact that they’ll have to earn those My Coke Rewards points. Nobody is going to hand out these valuable points without getting something in return; of that you can be certain.

In summary, the public should be aware that free My Coke Rewards points can be obtained on certain websites in return for purchases. Although these points are not strictly speaking “free”, the benefit is that you can amass My Coke Rewards without having to buy excessive amounts of Coke and other Coca Cola products.